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Hellow Fellow Hibiscus Enthusiasts:

Permit me to introduce myself. 
My name is Richard Johnson, Dick to friends, and I live in Tahiti.  Perhaps like you, I am an avid hibiscus enthusiast. I'm also a major hybridizer of new exotic tropical hibiscus, H. rosa-sinensis.

RJ Hibiscus Hybrid
"Tahitian Cherry Blossom"

RJ Hibiscus Hybrid
"Tahitian Sun Dancer"
Over the years, I've given away many thousands of seed and a great deal of wood. However, the demand and the work that it involves, now exceeds doing a good deed for fellow hibiscus friends and enthusiasts. Hence, I've created this web site to offer, at a nominal cost, seed, wood and on occasion small plants, mostly of my seedlings. I consider this a nonprofit effort in that the revenues will likely not offset the expense of growing hibiscus at the level I do it.
The menu on the left provides links to the various offerings and related aspects of this web site. To get an idea of what is available, I would recommend first viewing the photo album's and noting anything of interest by cv name or, in the case of seedlings, by cross # and working name. You can then locate those plants in the related pages regarding parentage of seed or wood offered.

RJ Hibiscus Hybrid 
"Tahitian Purple Splendor

RJ Hibiscus Hybrid
"Tahitian Tamurae"

Moreover regarding wood, you will find thumbnail images alongside the order list. Clicking on it will take you to an enlared photo and info about that cv or seedling. However, I would recommend you check the IHS web site, its archives and especially The Global Hibiscus Library for additional photos and information.

Happy Hibiscus Growing To All
Dick Johnson, Tahiti
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To sign up as a member of the IHS just enter your e-mail address and follow the instructions. We look forward to your joining so that together we can discover new ways to enjoy the wonderful world of hibiscus. Remember, there is no charge for membership - its free! And if for some reason the IHS doesnít provide what you are looking for, itís just as easy to unsubscribe.

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